Cultural Diversity: The Garbicz Festival serves as a global gathering point, drawing attendees from all corners of the world, creating a rich tapestry of diverse cultures coming together in one vibrant celebration.

Workshops and well-being sessions at the festival encompass a wide variety of options, allowing participants to engage in personal development and relaxation activities.

Artistic creativity flourishes beyond the music, as the festival grounds burst to life with dynamic art installations, captivating light shows, and engaging interactive displays.

Emphasizing Environmental Responsibility: In 2023, the Garbicz Festival remains dedicated to prioritizing and promoting environmental sustainability.

Camping at Garbicz is an essential element of the event, cultivating a strong sense of fellowship among attendees.

Nestled within the scenic Polish countryside, the Garbicz Festival seamlessly intertwines music and nature, creating a distinctive and harmonious experience.

The Garbicz Festival 2023 offers an extraordinary adventure through its diverse and dynamic musical roster, encompassing a wide range of genres including electronic, techno, house, and trance.