Fascinating Things to do in United Kingdom | UK Bucket List

See a Shakespeare Play

Being a groundling at Shakespeare’s Globe in London is unforgettable, but nothing beats being in the audience of one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays in his actual city.

Visit Childhood Homes of The Beatle

Get a ticket to ride around the city where The Beatles lived. The Fab Four met and began performing in Liverpool.

Take a tour of Incredible National Parks in The United Kingdom

Take a journey of 15 National Parks in the UK to see all the varied types of landscapes the UK has to offer


Your UK bucket list cannot be complete without Hogwarts.

Cornish Coast

The dark moors and misty clifftops of Cornwall evoke a sense of mystery.

Laugh out loud at the Edinburgh Fringe

Every August, comedians, and performers take over the Scottish capital for a month of performances, plays, and theatre. Expect a mix of newcomers and established stars, new stuff, old favorite

Climb the Highest Peak in the United Kingdom

Put on your hiking boots and prepare to face Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in mainland Britain at 1,345 meters above sea level.